Memorable quotes from the IFC 2022

IFC 2022 – After an amazing three days of learning, networking and seeing old friends, the international Fundraising Congress 2022 has come to an end. At Briggs+Walker we believe in the power of human interaction and we think that face-to-face campaigning and fundraising is one of the ways in which people can really connect at the human level.

As we live in a digital era and we’re just recovering from a global pandemic, many conversations and meetings are held online. Slowly but surely we felt more and more isolated and distanced from each other. So, we were really happy that we could meet again live with our peers at the IFC 2022.

We enjoyed the many fruitful and fun conversations and learned a ton about all the latest fundraising cases, trends and innovations. It’s up to us to take action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. For us this means making smart solutions to lay the groundwork for a sustainable field sales and fundraising ecosystem.

Thanks to everyone at the IFC and the Resource Alliance for making this possible! We curated some memorable tweets from the participants at the IFC 2022 in this blogpost. Drop us a line if you didn’t get a chance to speak to us. We’d love to have you (if possible) over for a cup of coffee!


Memorable tweets from the IFC 2022

Until next time! Team Briggs+Walker

Team Briggs+Walker @ IFC 2022