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See how Briggs+Walker customers are changing the future of F2F sales & fundraising, one conversation at a time.

Linde de Wit - MSF Netherlands

“I use Briggs+Walker F2F Fundraising platform to compare results between all our teams daily."

"Briggs+Walker helps our face-to-face channel by making it easy to reach more people, making our interactions more personal and ensuring our data is safe"

Frank Koevoet KPN

"Briggs+Walker is a partner that’s quick to respond to our questions, and feels the same need to innovate as we do."

“We know how hard fundraisers work. With B+W I'm able to monitor and motivate our teams to keep up the good work"

Luuc Steltenpool Pepperminds

“Data is the most crucial part of a future-oriented field marketing company”

Meet the leaders that use Briggs+Walker to build a strong face-to-face channel

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