Face to face sales management, reimagined

The right face to face sales management and canvassing apps can power up your teams – and improve your bottom line.

Face to face sales have always been at the frontlines of conversion. Armed with little more than courage, conviction, and an ID badge, canvassers take on a daunting task – to spark conversations and raise support for an important cause or a worthwhile product or service, one person at a time.

Their fearlessness and resilience is the stuff of legend. But canvassers are human after all. It’s tough to stay motivated amidst closing doors and indifferent glances, in rain or shine, all to engage in direct dialogue with perfect strangers. And with limited tools and guidance in the field, even the most enthusiastic canvassers can feel held back from achieving their best.

But for all its challenges, face to face marketing (AKA field marketing) produces results. Charities, utility providers, and subscription-based businesses know this. Very few channels can boast the kind of ROI that a good face to face marketing campaign can deliver. Its conversion superpower lies in building trust through real, direct human connection. If only this could be done better, smarter.

Well it already can. As it turns out, the data-driven capabilities of face to face sales management solutions have the potential to transform your entire practice. Face to face sales management and fundraising can be made far more efficient – and effective. The online marketing world has been utilising data for years, resulting in the personalized ad experiences that are common to us now. It’s about time face to face marketing did too.

Briggs + Walker was born out of a need for better face to face sales experiences through technology, for the industry as well as the public. Our tools are designed to take the guesswork (and paperwork) out of face to face sales management, and let the fundraiser, canvasser, promoter, or facer do what they do best – connect.

We’ve created solutions like Location Manager, a dynamic app based on a simple desire to overcome the challenge of visibility in the field. If you could see where your canvassers are in real time, show them which neighbourhoods and doors are most open to your cause or products, and even coordinate campaigns, locations, and shifts fairly between field marketing agencies, all from one login… then, why wouldn’t you?

Or imagine empowering a team with Field App, a nimble canvassing app that supports storytelling and e-learning, lets you coach canvassers remotely, boosts motivation with live sales battles, and eliminates all paperwork with secure, real time customer data verification. Never again would an opportunity needlessly slip away.

The days of campaigning in the blind are over. It’s time for face to face sales management to embrace its full potential as the unique and effective channel it is. Your canvassing heroes are capable of so much more! With Briggs + Walker, you can give them, and your campaigns, the power to soar.