Location Manager

Boost your field sales through smart canvassing

Centrally manage your teams and efficiently organize your field marketing, fundraising and sales activities. Boost sales by sending your teams only to qualifying locations.

Location Manager

Make every conversation count

Take the guesswork out of field sales & fundraising operations with an instant view of your top performing sales agents, regions, shift times and audiences.

Canvas area’s based on neighbourhoods and heat maps

Book locations and schedule your teams

Guide your teams and track live performance



B+W’s Location Manager is unique in its kind and easy to use. It provides a new standard that allows the entire industry to collaborate from one central planning tool.”


Sander Smulders
CFO, Emolife

Multichannel Management

 Multichannel management

Manage multiple locations for street, private site, event and door-to-door sales campaigns

Eliminate team crossovers and canvassing fatigue by planning around your region’s campaign- and agency- field activities at large




 Neighbourhood canvassing

Segment and target areas for optimal campaign results

Assign agencies and teams to neighbourhoods and apply different business rules and cool down periods.



Smart data canvassing

Use smart data to locate potential customers groups

Assign agencies and teams to areas and addresses that are likely to convert, using your own data or third party data and predictive heat maps.

Area drawing-icon

Area drawing

Canvas specific areas to send your teams to

Canvas your own areas based on historical performance. Combine or split neighbourhoods to create manageable campaign areas for your teams.

custom locations icon

Custom locations

Create custom street and field locations

Create custom street and field locations based on specific events or data.

Booking module icon

Booking & Schedule modules

Easily plan and allocate teams from one centralised platform

Location Manager lets you create and customize campaign areas and coordinate teams with a simple and intuitive interface.



Location info + rules icon

Location information & rules

Get insights on rules and regulation regarding specific locations

Request permits and automatically comply with local rules and regulations, anywhere you want to scale.

Third party data integration icon


Connect and integrate with the tools you use

Location Manager integrates seamlessly with your existing campaign stack to give you everything you need to track and measure progress, and optimise results.


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