About us

Our story

Nothing beats the power of face-to-face sales. Because human connection is where change starts.

At Briggs + Walker, we believe in the beauty of human interaction, and the power of technology to perfect it. Customers demand and deserve better ways to be served, and our digital solutions support you to do just that. In fact the entire industry of field sales can – and should be – more aligned, more flexible, more reliable, and even more fun.

Since 2012, we’ve been creating smart solutions for commercial organizations, charities, and field sales agencies to increase conversions and safely process millions of sales transactions across many countries.

By simplifying processes through automation, living up to the latest privacy and compliancy standards, and delivering growth across all metrics, we’re laying the groundwork of a sustainable field sales ecosystem. And that benefits agencies, charities, commercial organisations, municipalities – and ultimately, consumers.

Our values

Together, let’s create field sales heroes and deliver measurable impact  – one encounter at a time.

  • can do!

    ready to take on any challenge

  • team up!

    with clients to create the best solutions

  • be rock solid

    work you can count on

  • be positive

    enjoy life and work

  • do the right thing

    make honest and worthwhile choices

  • smarter every day

    improve with technology + data