Energy Field Sales App

Brilliant storytelling

Keep your story straight with real-time content control

In the competitive energy market, you can’t afford to have the wrong story out there. With multiple agencies on the move, it can be a pain to update your campaign content across all of them.

Briggs + Walker has tackled your field sales challenges, so you don’t have to. New rates or promotions? No problem. Update your content across your entire team with a single click. Manage your campaign the way you want, all in an instant. Now that’s powerful.

Energy companies can:

  • manage and distribute new campaign materials instantly to our field sales app, ensuring sales representatives always have the most up-to-date sales content
  • supercharge storylines with custom comparison tools and a savings calculator available in our field sales app
  • take advantage of Big Data and enable planners to spot the best possible locations with heat maps
  • easily manage and monitor performance of multiple field sales agencies in real time, on one single dashboard