Telecom & Internet Field Sales App

Take charge of your campaigns

Get more insight and more control of your field sales channel

Field sales is a valuable channel for telecom and internet companies, but it can be costly and challenging to manage. If you’ve ever thought, “There must be a better way”, there is.

Not only can Briggs + Walker solutions boost your sales, they can provide vital insights and feedback about your customer and your campaigns. With a clear overview of all your activities in the field, you can take control of your campaigns and make more informed decisions. And that means you can keep improving your results.

Telecom /
companies can:

  • roll out street events, door-to-door events, and in-store campaigns from one single solution
  • give field teams address-specific info so they can fine-tune their pitches (current customers, end date of current agreement, demographic data, etc.)
  • track usage of campaign materials and optimize story lines with A/B testing
  • monitor performance by shift duration, number of doors knocked, and sign ups. Plus detect fallout leaks in gross/net signups