Briggs+Walker for Field Marketing agencies

The #1 platform for unlocking field rep potential

Face-to face (or field marketing) agencies need modern tools to facilitate their increasingly complex daily operations. Whether it’s planning in the office or selling on the streets: at Briggs+Walker we make software that minimises the time spent on administration, and maximises the time spent on the sale.


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Why Field Marketing agencies choose Briggs+Walker

Easy area allocation

Live performance tracking

Smart & insightful reports

GDPR compliant & ISO27001 certified

3 powerful apps in 1 platform

The most intuitive face-to-face marketing software in the field and at the office.

  • Field app
    Let your field reps know when and where to knock and how to talk.

  • Location Manager
    Plan and canvas your sales/fundraising teams for optimal conversions.

  • Campaign Manager
    Train, equip and guide your teams. Heroize your field agents with performance insights and leaderboards.

Stay on top

Take the complexity out of campaign planning

  • Easily plan field reps across campaigns of multiple advertisers, all from one source
  • Eliminate team crossovers and canvassing fatigue by planning around your region’s field activities
  • Live performance leaderboards let you track performance in the moment
Location Manager - Filtering
Know when & where to sell

A complete customer profile with connected data sources

  • Address based canvassing: send your field reps to the most relevant addresses
  • Predictive heat maps: assign people to areas that are likely to convert, using third party data
  • Data enhancement: give reps address specific info so they can finetune their pitches
Location Manager - household data
Know how to sell

The stories best sold, are the stories best told

  • Brand consistency: let sales reps tell the right story, every time.
  • Train and guide your field reps with tutorials, training courses, and helpful campaign templates
  • Storytelling: Video, images rich text, giphys. Upload a visual story to your sales reps easily.
Smoothen the close

Sign high quality deals in minutes

  • Forms: use optimised templates or design your own in minutes.
  • Data validation: real-time validation for correct customer data capture
  • Payment processing: take payments instantly and securely
  • Digital contracting: sign contracts digitally on-site.
Campaign Manager - sms verification
Attract & retain field reps

Let your field reps get the best out of themselves

  • Show appreciation with leaderboards and achievements
  • Boost performance with onboarding and training journeys
Campaign Manager - Achievements
Taking stock

Share campaign insights with clients through various reports

  • Share shift volumes and conversions every moment of the day
  • Manage multiple campaigns from one master control
Campaign Manager - Dashboard report

The top F2F agencies use Briggs+Walker

Luuc Steltenpool Pepperminds

“Data is the most crucial part of a future-oriented field marketing company”

Sander Smulder Emolife 1

”B+W’s Location Manager is unique in its kind and easy to use. It provides a new standard that allows the entire industry to collaborate from one central planning tool.”

Safety first

Process and store your data securely

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