Memorable quotes from the IFC 2022

IFC 2022 – After an amazing three days of learning, networking and seeing old friends, the international Fundraising Congress 2022 has come to an end. At Briggs+Walker we believe in the power of human interaction and we think that face-to-face campaigning and fundraising is one of the ways in which people can really connect at the human level.

As we live in a digital era and we’re just recovering from a global pandemic, many conversations and meetings are held online. Slowly but surely we felt more and more isolated and distanced from each other. So, we were really happy that we could meet again live with our peers at the IFC 2022.

We enjoyed the many fruitful and fun conversations and learned a ton about all the latest fundraising cases, trends and innovations. It’s up to us to take action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. For us this means making smart solutions to lay the groundwork for a sustainable field sales and fundraising ecosystem.

Thanks to everyone at the IFC and the Resource Alliance for making this possible! We curated some memorable tweets from the participants at the IFC 2022 in this blogpost. Drop us a line if you didn’t get a chance to speak to us. We’d love to have you (if possible) over for a cup of coffee!


Memorable tweets from the IFC 2022

Until next time! Team Briggs+Walker

Team Briggs+Walker @ IFC 2022

What is Field Marketing?

What is Field Marketing?

What is Field Marketing – This is probably one of the first questions you’ll ask yourself when you start working in the industry. What strikes us is that when you ask five people, they’ll give you five different answers. Why?

Because it’s one of the hardest questions you can ask about the subject.

Although everybody has a sense of its meaning, no one will be able to give you a clear and concise answer because Field Marketing (FM) is a catch-all term for a large number of sub(fields). It literally means something different to everybody.

In this article, we’ll be sharing our take on the answer to this question and highlight some of the basics of the industry to give you a feel of what Field Marketing is.

Are you an industry expert?

We’ve published an in-depth ebook on the biggest challenge in the Field Marketing industry (in 2022) that might interest you.

It’s freely available and with hundreds of downloads has quickly become one of the most downloaded resources on our platform.


The basics of Field Marketing

Since you’re reading this article, we’re assuming you are fairly new to the subject of FM or looking for a good discussion. So, we’ll try to take you by the hand here and explain the basics. 

Do you know those salespeople knocking on your door offering you anything from insurance, solar panels, charity donations, or new types of refreshments? That’s Field Marketing. 

Pretty straightforward so far, so why is creating a definition for the industry hard? 

This is where it gets tricky: field marketing also includes loads of other ways in which salespeople represent a brand. At events, in public locations, at retail locations, you name it. Also, the goals of the activities differ widely from just getting people to know and try a brand (via free giveaways for example) to selling products directly.

It’s this variety of locations and goals that create definitions like a series of activities that contribute to the brand building, customer relationship management, and lead generation efforts of a client/company. (source)

This definition doesn’t really give you an understanding of what kind of work FM consists of. It just mentions some common goals.

Definition of Field Marketing

This is the highest-ranking definition of field marketing on Google in the Netherlands (Briggs and Walker is based in Haarlem): 

Field marketing is a branch of marketing in which brands get their products in front of consumers “out in the field” at retail locations, events, college campuses, or in public locations. Field marketing initiatives include promotions, demos, and direct sales. The objectives of Field Marketing vary by company and campaign, but some common goals include brand awareness, increased sales at targeted locations, and increased engagement with local buying communities (source).


We feel this is a pretty accurate description as it scopes the locations and often-used types of FM. In all likelihood though, it will require the door-to-door sales reference we made earlier for you to understand this definition.In any case, you probably have an idea of what field marketing is now. If not, feel free to get in touch! Time to move on to question two in the list of most basic questions on any subject: why does it matter?


Why Field Marketing matters

We see a lot of articles stating that FM is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies. In our experience, this is true in some cases, but FM is not for everyone. Still, like all marketing and sales activities, field marketing derives its raison d’etre from its results.

Diagram - 5 reasons for Field Marketing

Create sales spikes

In most cases the channel is leveraged during campaigns as a highly rewarding part of the full marketing mix. Many brands use FM to bring about a temporary spike in sales. 

Measure success

Good Field Marketing agencies provide their clients with tools (such as Briggs+Walker software) that allow direct tracking and assessment of the current results. The results of FM are easily traced back to the individual performances of sales representatives. 

Introduce new brands

Field marketing is an exceptionally great instrument to introduce new brands. Consumers enjoy their first experience with a brand in a human-to-human fashion. This allows for them to ask questions which in turn allows for the brand to learn more about consumers’ first responses. Their first engagement with the product is way richer than any online experience. Ultra-fast delivery services such as Gorillas and Getir thank part of their marketing successes to brand introductions via field marketing activities. 

Learn and improve

With the right software in place it’s easy to adjust the brand or sales story. This way, FM becomes a two-way advertising channel. Brands offer their goods one-on-one. Consumers can give direct feedback to field marketers who adjust their pitch accordingly. This traceability allows brands to adjust the campaign instantly if the potential for improvement has been identified.

Fuel human connections

Customers are intelligent, savvy, and more informed than ever. For a customer to buy your product or service multiples variables decide the purchase. In an online environment, we can not even come close to the experience and depth of a real human conversation. FM is best suited to deal with customers because field marketers can answer real-time during product demonstrations, onboarding, fundraising, events, and POS interactions.


A big challenge in Field Marketing

Field marketing has a long history and shows some symptoms of what is called ‘saturated’ marketing channel. About a decade ago the first social media platforms started to offer opportunities to advertisers. Back then, most Facebook ads brought about amazing results. Social media users saw the ads for the first time and were eager to interact (i.e. click on the ads and buy the products on offer).

Over time, people grew weary by looking at the same type of ads over and over. After having seen thousands of ads over the years, people are now less willing to engage with them. It’s the same story with any new type of commercial (poster, magazine, radio, tv, online search, you name it).

Despite the occurrence of saturation in the FM market the history of Field Marketing shows that it still produces direct and desired results for many advertisers.

Diagram - SMM vs FM saturation

What makes Field Marketing truly unique

What makes FM truly unique in our view, is that nothing trumps the human connection when it comes to establishing new and strengthening existing customer relationships. 

In our online world, instant gratification and short termism is the rule in the game of advertising. But brands that succeed in the long term are those brands that build long term relationships.

At Briggs+Walker we help sales representatives to make this connection with as little friction as possible.


Want to start with Field Marketing?

Reach out to some of the most renown FM agencies & networks in Europe.

Radical collaboration

Self-regulating Face to Face location management for a sustainable future

Where we are, where we need to be, and how we get there.

Face to Face is one of the strongest performing sales channels available. Yet location issues are a constant setback in our practice, endangering our status with the government and the public. With rapid and continuous changes now affecting global markets, F2F stakeholders and the industry at large are facing a critical moment – to level up and address our challenges before they become our downfall.

At Briggs + Walker, we believe in F2F too much to take this fate lying down. Because here’s the good news: the solution lies in our own hands. Self-regulation lets F2F agencies collectively establish and coordinate their own rules, boosting professionalism and conversion for participating agencies while creating greater stability for the market.

In this white paper, we look at how F2F agencies, regardless of size or market share, can apply self-regulation to survive and thrive amidst uncertainty.

Read our whitepaper to:

  • Learn how established markets can course-correct their location issues, and how emerging markets can avoid mistakes
  • Understand what self-regulation is, and how it benefits individual stakeholders and safeguards the industry
  • Discover how a data-driven platform can eliminate location conflicts, automate hours of administrative labour, and grow conversion for agencies, regardless of their size or market saturation


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    Applying social distancing to your face to face campaigns

    Social distancing presents significant challenges to the dynamic between your field reps and the people they engage with. As a result technology can no longer rely on the close proximity of people and has to take into account appropriate social distance while completing new signups.

    With the B+W 100% contactless signup procedure your reps keep an appropriate distance while still maintaining an optimum experience. Instead of a signature to complete the agreement a unique verification code is sent via SMS for completion.

    Step 1. Filling out the form
    Every field rep goes through the signup form as they are used to. At the last step they will be asked for the verification method (signature or SMS).
    Step 2. Choose SMS for contactless signup
    When they choose for SMS verification, an SMS will be sent with a unique 6 digit code: ‘Hi Susan, your our one-time verification code is: 123456’.
    Step 3. Submit unique SMS code
    When the recipient accepts the agreement and provides the code to the field rep, the rep enters it and the form can be confirmed.
    Step 4. Processing the signup as usual
    Once submitted the unique verification code is send as part of the welcome confirmation email. All other processes that would normally run will still run exactly the same.

    These simple steps remain closest to the traditional signup procedure and ensure that your field reps will understand everything without elaborate training. The steps also make sure that all the data is still submitted by your field reps which minimizes dependency on the device- and correct data entry of the people that are signed up.

    Please do reach out in case you would like additional information on alternative solutions and/or have a specific use case that requires custom development.

    Face to face sales management, reimagined

    Face to face sales have always been at the frontlines of conversion. Armed with little more than courage, conviction, and an ID badge, canvassers take on a daunting task – to spark conversations and raise support for an important cause or a worthwhile product or service, one person at a time.

    Their fearlessness and resilience is the stuff of legend. But canvassers are human after all. It’s tough to stay motivated amidst closing doors and indifferent glances, in rain or shine, all to engage in direct dialogue with perfect strangers. And with limited tools and guidance in the field, even the most enthusiastic canvassers can feel held back from achieving their best.

    But for all its challenges, face to face marketing (AKA field marketing) produces results. Charities, utility providers, and subscription-based businesses know this. Very few channels can boast the kind of ROI that a good face to face marketing campaign can deliver. Its conversion superpower lies in building trust through real, direct human connection. If only this could be done better, smarter.

    Well it already can. As it turns out, the data-driven capabilities of face to face sales management solutions have the potential to transform your entire practice. Face to face sales management and fundraising can be made far more efficient – and effective. The online marketing world has been utilising data for years, resulting in the personalized ad experiences that are common to us now. It’s about time face to face marketing did too.

    Briggs + Walker was born out of a need for better face to face sales experiences through technology, for the industry as well as the public. Our tools are designed to take the guesswork (and paperwork) out of face to face sales management, and let the fundraiser, canvasser, promoter, or facer do what they do best – connect.

    We’ve created solutions like Location Manager, a dynamic app based on a simple desire to overcome the challenge of visibility in the field. If you could see where your canvassers are in real time, show them which neighbourhoods and doors are most open to your cause or products, and even coordinate campaigns, locations, and shifts fairly between field marketing agencies, all from one login… then, why wouldn’t you?

    Or imagine empowering a team with Field App, a nimble canvassing app that supports storytelling and e-learning, lets you coach canvassers remotely, boosts motivation with live sales battles, and eliminates all paperwork with secure, real time customer data verification. Never again would an opportunity needlessly slip away.

    The days of campaigning in the blind are over. It’s time for face to face sales management to embrace its full potential as the unique and effective channel it is. Your canvassing heroes are capable of so much more! With Briggs + Walker, you can give them, and your campaigns, the power to soar.