Face-to-face Agencies App

Sell more than ever

We’ve simplified your processes so you can be more productive

Face-to-face (or field marketing) agencies have long needed a smarter way to oversee and control the complexities of their operations. At Briggs + Walker we not only made it possible — we made it easy for you.

Whether you take advantage of our complete suite of solutions or use us alongside existing field sales apps, you’ll have the crucial tools to spur growth and deliver even better face-to-face experiences.

Face-to-face agencies
rely on us to:

  • easily plan sales reps across campaigns of multiple advertisers, all from one source
  • measure and identify top sales representatives, locations, times and audiences
  • boost sales conversions with engaging story lines supported by interactive media
  • monitor real-time performance with a connected workforce and provide coaching in the moment
  • minimize data entry mistakes with digital data validation in fully secure, GDPR-compliant forms