Face-to-face Fundraisers

Grow your support

Make it easier for people to give to your cause

It’s both challenging and rewarding to reach out to people for donations. Briggs + Walker makes it easier for face-to-face fundraisers to raise awareness – and pledges – with powerful storytelling tools and valuable performance insights.

With our solutions, your message can have bigger impact. Your efforts can be more focused on critical tasks. And your donors can support your cause with greater confidence.

With us,
Face-to-face fundraisers can:

  • easily manage and monitor performance of multiple face-to-face agencies in real time, on one single dashboard
  • securely collect new donor data with confidence, since we’re 100% compliant with GDPR regulations across all your contracted face-to-face agencies
  • capture people’s interest with visually compelling story elements like slideshows, video, questionnaires, polls and mobile payment solutions
  • manage and distribute new campaign materials with a single click, to make sure your face-to-face fundraisers always have the latest content