Campaign Manager

Create and steer your campaigns like a boss

Plan and roll out multiple campaigns from one master control by bringing together live data from all campaigns, agencies and sales reps into one dashboard
Tweak as you go by following campaigns as they happen – update and distribute materials to your teams in minutes, and live-coach your teams on the ground
Quickly and securely control your data with easy API integration and data warehousing. Prevent data leaks by only sharing the minimum amount of data required with third parties

Design and deploy
genius campaigns

with Multi-Campaign Manager

  • Paint a vivid picture of your campaign with slideshows, video, questionnaires and polls
  • Create multiple story lines to upsell and cross-sell
  • Quickly test and finetune your storyline with A/B testing

Act when it happens

with Real Time Campaign Insights

  • Instantly identify your top performing pitches, reps, and neighbourhoods
  • Take a pulse on all of your campaigns, products, regions, and countries
  • Guide teams remotely with insights gathered from live performance reports
  • Identify anomalies with built-in multipoint fraud detection

Your data – any way you want it

with Data Warehousing
/ API Connectivity

  • Goodbye paperwork! Import and export data in seconds, in the format and data sets of your choice
  • Store your data with us securely or use your own data warehouse
  • Ready to connect with your existing CRM, payment gateways, telemarketing call centre activities, customer retention programs, or field agents
  • Our API gives you full control over your records and data
  • Gain unique data insights with MS PowerBI, Tableau, and Qlik Sense integrations