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Briggs+Walker transforms your face-to-face sales, marketing and fundraising channel by combining planning, coaching and performance tracking in one unified solution.


Take the complexity out of campaign planning

  • Easily plan field reps across campaigns of multiple advertisers, all from one source
  • Eliminate team crossovers and canvassing fatigue by planning around your region’s field activities
  • Live performance leaderboards let you track performance in the moment
Location Manager Team Planner

Schedule campaigns based on connected data sources

  • Address based canvassing: Send agencies and teams to the most relevant addresses
  • Predictive heat maps: Assign agencies and teams to areas that are likely to convert, using third party data
  • Data enhancement: Give agencies and teams address specific info so they can finetune their pitches
Location Manager - household data

Increase the success of your field agents

  • Train and guide: Coach your field reps with tutorials, training courses, and helpful campaign templates
  • Brand consistency: Let sales reps tell the right story, every time.
  • Storytelling: Upload a visual story to your sales reps easily
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Track and optimise conversions with real-time insights

  • Manage multiple campaigns: Monitor all your campaigns from one master control
  • Build custom report: Use our template report or built your own
  • Share shift volumes and conversions: Get real time insights, export and share them across teams
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One platform. Unlimited possibilities for all.

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Unlock the power of your field rep potential

Commercial Business

Manage & grow your F2F sales activities

Fundraising charity

Organise & schedule your fundraising activities

Regulatory association

Monitor & regulate your fundraising policies

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Koevoets KPN d2d sales

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How Pepperminds increased its signups and overall quality of Field Marketing with Briggs+Walker


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