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How Pepperminds increased its signups and overall quality of Field Marketing with Briggs+Walker

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Pepperminds is one of the largest and most established field marketing agencies in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and Denmark. In the competitive European market, Pepperminds makes a difference on the streets through innovative concepts and great people. In the office though, metrics run the scene.


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How to continuously improve business results in an increasingly competitive and challenging industry?


The real-time insights provided by Briggs+Walker’s location manager allow Pepperminds coaches to monitor and coach field agents everywhere they go. Briggs+Walker’s location planner helps to easily spread dozens of teams across designated sales areas.

“Data is the most crucial part of a future-oriented field marketing company”


Luuc Steltenpool

ICT & Data Manager

A decisive point in time for field marketing agencies

Field marketing has grown into a mature channel. Over the next few years, healthy competition for market share will reveal the strongest players in the industry. An aggressive approach to agency growth however is not advised, as it might lead to legislatory restrictions for the industry.

In short, now is a vital time to grow for agencies, but it’s never been more challenging to do so. Briggs+Walker’s location planner helps field marketing agencies to easily plan and spread their presence to avoid canvassing fatique.

“Easily the best canvassing software in the market”

With 21 years at the company, Luuc Steltenpool now leads Pepperminds’ data department. Among his responsibilities are improving and maintaining the data warehouse and ensuring data privacy and quality throughout the organization.

“Location planning is among the most vital tasks of field marketing agencies” he says.

“Your location planner is easily the best canvassing software in the market. We can just draw out our presence on a map, upload address files, and appoint the right amount of people in the right areas at the right times in minutes. Even while managing dozens of teams simultaneously. The software also helps us to use ‘cooling off timeframes’ to make sure that plannings don’t overlay”

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Continuous improvement with real-time data insights

As competition grows, small details in individual shift performances will make a big difference in the long term. Pepperminds is not only aware of this fact but has been well-trained in using data points to improve shift performance.

Steltenpool has led the digital transformation that has been vital to Pepperminds’ success throughout the past eight years.
He reflects on a seemingly distant past.

“Just eight years ago, we stopped scanning paper donor forms and moved to digital. Back then, data validation and data entry used to require a team of full-timers. Now, it’s just me, and it only takes me an hour a month.”

Pepperminds has come a long way since then.

“We can see just about everything on all relevant data levels. Where do our agents walk? How do they perform? Where do they convert? Is our current performance on target? How do our different locations and countries perform relatively?”

In one example, Pepperminds discovered that one slide in field agents’ slide decks was particularly often used. Steltenpool found out it was one of the least visually appealing slides in the entire deck, and moved quickly to replace it. Its the accumulation of many of these kinds of small adjustments that create continuous growth at Pepperminds.

Making it ‘Pepperproof’

Briggs+Walkers’ field app leaves no room for errors in new donor or customer form entries. This is how we help creative field agents to play by the rules.

“Anyone that has worked in door to door marketing knows that field agents are surprisingly creative when it comes to generating more conversions” says Steltenpool.

“The data quality checks in Briggs+Walkers’ field app are truly outstanding. They double-check everything from bank account numbers to phone numbers and addresses. We like to call Briggs+Walker software ‘Pepperproof’. This basically means that there is no way, even for the most ambitious field agent, to creatively influence their shift scores.



Back in the day, we would lose one or two percent of our conversions through input errors. Now, we’re only losing one or two sign ups per month.

“The industry standard”

Steltenpool: “Generally speaking Briggs+Walker just performs extremely steady across the board. We rarely experience any issues and if anything arises we have immediate access to a dedicated customer service agent. I haven’t experienced any challenges that could not be fixed within ten minutes for years. That’s why it has become the industry standard.”

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