Location Manager

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Location Manager is the first platform with a truly data-aligned workflow of the entire field sales landscape: connecting field agencies, charities, commercial organizations, regulating bodies, and local municipalities.

Support all

street, private site, event, and door-to-door field sales activities

Take the guesswork out of field sales operations with an instant view of your top performing sales stars, regions, shift times and audiences
Boost sales by sending your team only to top qualifying door-to-door and street locations
Eliminate team crossovers and canvassing fatigue by planning around your region’s campaign- and agency- field activities at large

Follow and guide your teams remotely

with Real Time Geo Tracking

  • Follow your teams on the ground in a live map view
  • Define or limit your canvassing areas with geo-fencing controls

Make every knock count

with Address-based Canvassing

  • See vital data about a household before you even knock
  • Send your field reps only to relevant addresses, skipping dead ends
  • Give field teams address-specific info so they can fine-tune their pitches

Hit only your sweet spots

with Predictive Heat Maps

  • Stop walking in the blind – see your hottest target areas in colour-coded maps that combine your sales history with third party data points*
  • Increase sales simply by sending your teams to the best performing locations
*Available data points and pricing varies by region and country

Always play by the rules

with Regulatory Compliancy

  • Request permits and automatically comply with local rules and regulations, anywhere you want to scale
  • Create your own custom rules to make the most of your team shifts and campaigns
  • Self-regulate the industry with a shared set of business rulings on a live map