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Deliver the perfect pitch

Boost subscriptions with flawless storytelling

Field sales is important to keep your new subscriptions flowing – but it can get expensive. To get the most out of your channel, you’ll want to deliver the right pitch at the right spot.

Briggs + Walker takes the guesswork out of field sales. By guiding you to relevant locations and letting you update content in real time, our field sales app can make your campaigns more efficient and effective. And that’s just the beginning.

Publishers choose us to:

  • take advantage of Big Data and enable planners to spot the best possible locations using heat maps
  • manage and distribute new campaign materials with a single click, to make sure sales representatives always have the most up-to-date sales content on their field sales app
  • energize reps in the field with sales battles, quests, and leaderboards available in the field sales app
  • easily manage and monitor performance of multiple field sales agencies in real time, from one single dashboard