Lotteries Field Sales App

Create winning teams

Energize your campaigns and open up new opportunities

It’s tough work to roll out and manage new lottery field sales campaigns. They need to be motivating and effective, for your consumers as well as your teams.

Our tools are designed to motivate your sales reps, while minimizing their tedious admin tasks. Whether reaching out to individuals or entire businesses, Briggs + Walker’s solutions can transform the way you tell your story and oversee your campaigns.

Lotteries can:

  • use gamification to energize sales reps in the field with sales battles, quests, and leaderboards available in our field sales app
  • roll out and monitor street events, door-to-door events, and in-store campaigns from one single solution
  • eliminate agency/team crossovers and canvassing fatigue with address-based walk lists
  • securely collect signup data with confidence, since we are 100% compliant with GDPR regulations across all of your contracted field sales agencies
  • take advantage of visually compelling story elements in our field sales app to capture people’s interest, like slideshows, video, questionnaires, polls, and mobile payment solutions