Radical collaboration

Securing the future of Face to Face

Self-regulating Face to Face location management for a sustainable future

Where we are, where we need to be, and how we get there.

Face to Face is one of the strongest performing sales channels available. Yet location issues are a constant setback in our practice, endangering our status with the government and the public. With rapid and continuous changes now affecting global markets, F2F stakeholders and the industry at large are facing a critical moment – to level up and address our challenges before they become our downfall.

At Briggs + Walker, we believe in F2F too much to take this fate lying down. Because here’s the good news: the solution lies in our own hands. Self-regulation lets F2F agencies collectively establish and coordinate their own rules, boosting professionalism and conversion for participating agencies while creating greater stability for the market.

In this white paper, we look at how F2F agencies, regardless of size or market share, can apply self-regulation to survive and thrive amidst uncertainty.

Read our whitepaper to:

  • Learn how established markets can course-correct their location issues, and how emerging markets can avoid mistakes
  • Understand what self-regulation is, and how it benefits individual stakeholders and safeguards the industry
  • Discover how a data-driven platform can eliminate location conflicts, automate hours of administrative labour, and grow conversion for agencies, regardless of their size or market saturation


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