Applying social distancing to face-to-face campaigns

Social distancing presents significant challenges to the dynamic between your field reps and the people they engage with. As a result technology can no longer rely on the close proximity of people and has to take into account appropriate social distance while completing new signups.

With the B+W 100% contactless signup procedure your reps keep an appropriate distance while still maintaining an optimum experience. Instead of a signature to complete the agreement a unique verification code is sent via SMS for completion.

Step 1. Filling out the form
Every field rep goes through the signup form as they are used to. At the last step they will be asked for the verification method (signature or SMS).
Step 2. Choose SMS for contactless signup
When they choose for SMS verification, an SMS will be sent with a unique 6 digit code: ‘Hi Susan, your our one-time verification code is: 123456’.
Step 3. Submit unique SMS code
When the recipient accepts the agreement and provides the code to the field rep, the rep enters it and the form can be confirmed.
Step 4. Processing the signup as usual
Once submitted the unique verification code is send as part of the welcome confirmation email. All other processes that would normally run will still run exactly the same.

These simple steps remain closest to the traditional signup procedure and ensure that your field reps will understand everything without elaborate training. The steps also make sure that all the data is still submitted by your field reps which minimizes dependency on the device- and correct data entry of the people that are signed up.

Please do reach out in case you would like additional information on alternative solutions and/or have a specific use case that requires custom development.