Drive your team’s potential with: Achievements

In our constant pursuit to enhance the effectiveness of field marketing teams, we are excited to introduce a new engagement feature to our platform: Achievements. This feature is designed to motivate team members by recognising their hard work and success in real-time.


Elevating personal and team performance 

The ‘Achievements’ feature is crafted to set benchmarks and celebrate milestones across various levels of your organisation. Whether you’re striving to hit personal goals or an agency sparking healthy competition. Achievements are attainable at both individual and agency levels, encompassing:

Number of Shifts: Rewarding commitment and consistency.

Number of Registrations: Highlighting effective engagements and conversions.

Top Performers: Acknowledging the highest achievers in shifts or registrations within a set period.


Create your own agency badges

Understanding that every agency has its unique goals and metrics, ‘Achievements’ are fully customisable. You can tailor them based on:

Time frames (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or all-time)

Specific projects or products

Geographic locations or offices

This flexibility ensures that ‘Achievements’ resonate with your agency’s specific objectives and the diverse campaigns you manage.


Integration with Field App

Activated globally for each project, ‘Achievements’ seamlessly integrate into the Field App. Users can easily access their achievements through the app’s menu, offering a comprehensive view of both recent and historical milestones. This feature not only serves as a motivational tool but also fosters a sense of community and healthy competition among team members.

Briggs+Walker achievements feature


Get started with ‘Achievements’

As we roll out ‘Achievements’ across our platform, we invite you to explore this feature and discover how it can transform your team’s dynamics. Whether by fostering competition, recognising hard-earned success, or simply bringing your team closer, ‘Achievements’ are here to redefine what success looks like in field marketing. To jumpstart your journey with ‘Achievements’, we’re rolling out a generic set of achievement badges that can be directly implemented by your field marketing agency.¬†



For a detailed guide on activating and customising ‘Achievements’ for your team, visit our support center or contact our customer success team.