Product Update May

Crew Overview Dashboard, SSO login and Contract Statuses

We’ve added a bunch of cool new features and made some major improvements to our platform.
Here are our top 3 recent updates that we’re especially excited about:

Monitor and coach your Field Agents in real time with our Crew Overview Dashboard

The Crew Overview Dashboard is a new real-time dashboard designed to track and coach field agents. Since our last product release field agents already have the ability to see their own results with a Crew dashboard on their tablet. Now with the Crew Overview Dashboard you’ll never miss a beat and can stay on top of your campaigns, ensuring your team is performing at their best. By providing useful insights, the dashboard allows parties to collaborate more effectively and work together to achieve better campaign results.

Crew overview dashboard

A new level of convenience and security with Single Sign-On

With SSO you can now log in to our platform using one email address and password (for one or multiple accounts) or via your existing credentials from Microsoft and Google. This will make the login process easier than ever before. SSO login also enhances the security of your account by leveraging the security measures of the trusted identity provider. With SSO you can now see where and with what device you are logged in. You also have the ability to remotely log out from all devices, preventing any malicious activity.

Track the complete life cycle of your customers with Contract Statuses

New contract statuses makes it easier to track the full life cycle of a customer. From the initial sign up to a long term customer, providing valuable insights into churn rates and quality control in each phase. Ultimately making it possible to calculate ROI for each contract. We’ve also standardised all attrition files, making the process of uploading attrition files and mapping your attrition statuses a breeze. Taking into account the policy on personal data storage, we ensure that over time contract data is anonymised without losing the contract statuses.

B+W contract statuses