Using the power of voice to improve signup quality

Ensure that your signup forms have the correct information and are verified by the consumer by adding voicelogs.

Product feature: Voice log

Improve signup quality

Avoid unwanted data errors

Prevent dispute resolution

Quality assurance

Ensure data quality and prevent form errors

  • Quality improvement: managers can listen to voice recordings and provide feedback to the agents on how they can improve their interactions with customers
  • Accuracy in data entry: data entry can prove costly if the stakes are high in a conversation. At such times, recordings are helpful for people to go back to check whether they’ve accurately entered data, and correct it if not
  • Communication clarity: In the field, disputes with customers happen. Recordings can prove useful to resolve conflicts and clear you of any liability
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How Pepperminds increased its signups and overall quality of Field Marketing with Briggs+Walker

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